The future of mobililty and current EQ concept vehicles.


Intuitive mobility

Made for the future, made for people.

How will we move around in the future? How will we communicate, how will we live? Tomorrow poses many questions. We are working on the answers – right here, right now. We are pursuing a clear vision: a form of mobility that is geared to people's needs, that feels as intuitive as the simplest and most important things in life. Intuitive mobility.
Under this banner we are working together with innovative start-ups on technologies and solutions to address mobility issues.

Find out more about what is already available today and what we are developing for the future.

Concept EQA

The electric athlete in the compact car segment.

The Concept EQA boasts a powerful electric drive: two electric motors with a system output that can be boosted to over 200 kW thanks to scalable battery components as well as permanent all-wheel drive guarantee maximum handling dynamics. Two drive modes enable the selection of individual driving characteristics. In combination with the intelligent Mercedes-Benz operating strategy, the Concept EQA achieves a range of around 400 km.

Convenient charging

The vehicle can be charged by induction or on a wallbox charger, and is also ready for quick-charging.

Innovative lighting technology

In terms of light, Mercedes-Benz is focussing on laser fibres. The spiral-shaped light signet represents the electrically powered principle by reminding onlookers of copper coils in electric motors.

Electric aesthetics

Instead of a conventional radiator grille, the show car features a black panel surface with an integrated LED matrix on the front that seamlessly joins up with the bonnet.

Sensual Purity

The puristic, surface-based design and the clear-cut shapes of the Concept EQA convey a superior, sporty and contemporary character as well as accurate attention to detail with high levels of value and greater exclusivity.


Vision EQ Silver Arrow

An emotional pointer to the future of design.

With its clear, seamless design, the design idiom of the Vision EQ Silver Arrow is a brand-specific embodiment of the design philosophy of sensual purity.

The exterior: sporty silhouette

The showcar’s body structure is made of carbon fibre. The multiple layers of alubeam silver hug the car like liquid metal.

The interior: between tradition and modernity

The interior of the Vision EQ Silver Arrow represents the values of progressive luxury. The design idiom unites timeless aesthetics with futuristic visions.

Double screen and virtual racing

The driver of the Vision EQ Silver Arrow is surrounded by a large panorama screen. A projector located in the back projects a 3D image of the surroundings onto the screen.

Emission-free drive

The silent Silver Arrow has an output of 550 kW (750 hp). The flat battery in the underbody has a useful capacity of approx. 80 kWh and allows for a theoretical capacity of over 400 km.